Monday, January 26, 2009

PTC - Only If You Are a Good Recruiter

So I have tried many Paid to Click programs. All for various reasons, and all with the same results. Some worse than others.

PTC programs are not going to make you rich on your own. They all rely on you recruiting others in your downline. Some even take this a step further with paid upgrade programs. They want you to pay them an upgrade fee to get better offers. This in turn is suppose to be the bread and butter of your downline. You make money off your downline when they upgrade too.

Most of this upgrade money can only be had if you upgrade yourself. So this does nothing for folks like me who dont have them money to upgrade even if they wanted too and are not good at recruiting.

Most of these places have very few PTC ads a day so are pretty much worthless in terms of big bucks. They are not to bad as a passive thing to do for 5 mins a day, but I wouldn't count on it to replace your day job or even supplement it. Maybe if you joined all the thousands of programs out there you could get enough dollar payments a month to equal a day job.

Purhaps this is a theory I should put to the test.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Will Update Soon With Lots Of Information

Ive been busy signing up for things and testing things.

There is so much to test and I have a huge list of stuff I can't even get to right now.

I will update soon with all my new trials.


Monday, January 5, 2009

First Looks: Matrix Mails

MatrixMails - Get paid

Matrix Mails

  • Paid to read
  • Paid to sign up
  • Paid to click
  • Paid to write
  • Paid to paly games (Not yet active on the site)

The thing that got my attention the most here is the paid to write. They give you the topics they need written about and the key words they want you to use. Once you submit the article and they accept it, it is theirs for life so they are buying all rights, but the stuff they want you to write about isn't anything to hold onto anyway. You get $3 - $30 per article depending on how good it is. They seem to make it sound like that is based on using the keywords alot, being lengthy, and written properly. I am in the works of making something up to submit.

The other options are pretty standard. The games function is not active yet, but I would assume if its anything like any of the other sites, it only applies when you are using real money to play and not a free gaming system.

Their payout threshold is only $2.00.


First Looks: Traffic Co Op

Traffic Co Op

  • Traffic exchange site.
  • 1.1 ratio
  • 500 Free credits
  • Bonus credits often

They also do banner ads and hotlinks, which appear to be completely free. No credits needed. I haven't tested this out yet, but will.

I chose this site because it has a lot of bonuses going for it. They seem to be on the new side, but have enough people to make it worth while. I say they look new because they are offering so many freebies. Being new also means fresher eyes for whatever you are promoting.

Their timer is short, which is nice, because after a while you start to see the same ads and its nice to be able to move on quicker. I actually like looking at the ads, but you get tired of seeing a few faces that are all plastered on a lot of the ads.

I now have my 3 sites and will reporting the progress.


First Looks: Easy Hits 4 U

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange

Easy Hits 4 U

  • Traffic exchange site.
  • 1.1 ratio
  • $0.30 per 1000 sites you view
  • 5 active sites for free
  • They also do banner ads
I wanted to add 2 more sites to my free traffic experiment. Out of all the ones I have seen, this one seemed to have it together and a decent amount of people.

I wasn't planning on adding banners, but I won some free impressions on my first round of views so I could get my bonus.

You can search at a 2:1 or 1:1 rate. The 1:1 is just a longer wait in between views. Views are views as far as counting for bonuses so I have chosen to search at 2:1 rate.

All of these stats get better with a paid membership, Im good with free.


Proceed At Your Own Risk: Traffic Splash

I was looking for 2 more traffic exchanges to test out. I figure 3 is a good number and in my research, this one tended to be at the top of several lists.

****Do note that most of those lists are bias and to be taken with a grain of salt.

Traffic Splash seemed to be really high ranking (according to their website) so I decided to sign up.

First there is super high pressure to sign up for their upgraded pay program and they offer you it in a way that makes it seem like it will never be offered again. This is a huge pet peeve of mine and usually a #1 sign you are getting scammed somewhere.

Second, Most site require you to do so many views before you get your free ones. I had come to expect this, but you have to do it withing 2 hours and its a high number you have to look at.

Then there are lots more things on my pet peeve list. Too annoying and not worth my time.

There are too many other choices to be harassed.

I can't fully not recommend this one, because I haven't fully tried it, so it will be deemed: Proceed at your own risk.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Looks: Traffic Swarm

If you are making money from any program, you always make more when you have referrals. Hopefully you are only promoting the good stuff and not just anything to make a profit.

I got this link from a charity I support. They use it to help get traffic to their site. They are not a big national charity so they need all the help they can get.

I signed up quite easily and found out the free credits they offer don't come until you earn 50 clicks. It sounded like this was going down the tubes, but then I read the stats.

I made them my home page so I can get full use of this.

Daily Stats You Can Earn

Opening Your Browser

  • You earn one point just for opening your browser (simple enough!)
  • You get credit for the first 30 each day.
  • You also get a point for everyone you refer when they open their browser (and thats on the free account!)
Clicking on adds in your home page
  • Clicks on the sites on your home page earn 1 - 1000 points
  • They count the first 250 clicks for the day
  • You have to view the ad for 20 secs to get credit
  • You can not view the same ad over and over for credit (this is part of their cheat filtering system which is a good one I think)
This is all on the free system. You can upgrade for a fee and get free credits every month and more credits from referrals but Im only going the free route for now. If they turn out to really work I might think about upgrading.

This one really seems to have their act together and out of what Ive seen, I want to start here first.

To test the effectiveness, I have gone to Google's Analytic and put in my site. I put the code on this blog and will be able to track how many visitors I get and how long they stay.

This is also a free service and I recommend using something along that line to test effectiveness.

I don't know if I will make a full 250 clicks a day, but we will see how it goes.


First Looks: BidVertiser (A Google Alternative)

This is referred to as the Google alternative in places I have seen it discussed. From what I have heard, it doesn't have the backing that Google Ads have, but have lower payment thresholds.

They basically look just like Google ads. I am displaying them here on this blog and bet you didnt notice they aren't Google Ads.

They might not live up to standards for big blogs, but for small blogs that might never reach the $100 payment threshold for Google, this seems to be the ticket.

Im in the process of replacing my Google ads on all my sites and blogs. I have yet to ever have a click through on Google despite a huge number of views. I figure it couldn't hurt.

I will update when I get any clicks.

It was easy to sign up and no hurdles to jump through to join. I would think any blog or website could join. Click the banner above if you want to try this out with me.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Not Recommended - Get Paid To

Get Paid To

I am very disappointed in this one. I went there as a recommendation from another blogger who claimed this was making them lots of money. I see now that their money was coming from their referrals and not from actually making money from their use of the site.

I do not believe in pimping things to people because I only make money from the pimping and they usually don't make any. This is the secret to most people making money online or trying to. They tell people they are making a ton so you should sign up and make money too. The reality is, that most people who sign up don't make any money. I'm sure the referring party is banking but I don't believe in swindling people like that.

All things I recommend are things you can make money yourself, without having to refer someone!

First: This place was a pain to sign up for making you look at pages of adds and offers because they claim its a security measure. That's a lie. That's what those stupid word boxes no one can ever read are for.

Second: The 2 offers I did select, which were for free samples and a recipe site, lead me to get 75 spam emails within 2 days.

Third: You have to do an offer, come back and tell them that you did it, and wait for them to say they believe you or not, ie "approve you" for your points.

Fourth: All of their "Free" offers put you through the same 10 pages of offers and adds. Even just to get a free sample of makeup. And if you don't click on an offer and complete it, they wont give you the sample or credit.

I could go on and on about how much I don't recommend this site, but I think you get the point. Unless you are comfortable with and have time to get everyone under the sun to sign up for this place, I would say don't use it.

They may work as an affiliate ad that you don't directly push on people, but I personally believe that any ad you display on your site is an endorsement by you.


Not Recommended - Zoom Panel

Zoom Panel

This one is a big no. Maybe if you want to keep them around just for the heck of it, but from a stand point of using this on your list of things to do to earn real money or things, I will have to decline.

I have gotten probably an equivalent of 3 or so emails a week for surveys, but they all are only worth 5 points. You need 1000 points to even get a free movie or CD.

If you did the math:

5 points x 365 = 1825 points

So if you were to get an email every day, you would only have enough points to get something on the 1000 level. Most of the good stuff they advertise are on the 10000 point level.

Not really worth it in my opinion, even for a free cd or dvd or book.