Friday, May 1, 2009

Follow Up: Send Earnings

This one is a middle of the road one.

There are surveys, but good luck qualifing for them. I get turned down way more then accepted. In fact, I think Ive only done one. After 3 turn downs, I just move on. You do have the option to keep trying, but they practically give you the survey before they turn you down.

This is not unique to Send Earnings. Mostly all survey sites out there are the same.

I am getting regular emails from them, which may earn me enough by the end of the year to cash out.

They do have earnings for sign ups, but they are not free sign ups no matter what they say. They are "free trials" that require credit cards, or sites that will spam you to death.

I will keep with this program, reading their emails, until I reach pay out.

This is one of those sites if you can recruit people to do the work for you, you can earn more. Im not that type and most people have already cornered the market on this any way.