Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First Looks: Zoom Panel

Zoom Panel

  • Paid to take surveys
  • Gives 50 Points for signing up
  • Points are traded in for actual things
Sign up was easy and no scams to be found. I do not know the frequency of their emails yet. You can trade your points for various gifts or donate them to charity.

The gifts start at 1000 and go up to 10000 points. Most of the lower level gifts are not very spectacular. Most look like something you could pick up at the dollar store. I know I've seen several of the movies in the $5.00 bin at

There are some nicer gifts at the highest end, but that seems like a long time in the making. You get 50 points for signing up, and the one email survey I have gotten from the was only worth 5 points. Even if I got one of those a day, it would still take me over a year to earn anything good.
I'm not holding my breath on this one.

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First Looks: E-Poll Surveys

E-Poll Surveys

  • They pay you to take surveys which they say on sign up is about 1 to 2 a month.
  • They award points which are then traded in for gift cards or you can donate it to charity.
  • Sign up was easy and the phone number was optional.
  • You also did not have to refer friends or sign up for other offers.
When you verify your email it will take you to a survey which is all about you and your lifestyle. These surveys are common with all survey sites because it allows them to match you to surveys. Usually sites have this as an after fact and they are all divided up. This survey took me a good half hour to complete.

  • You get 100 points for your sign up survey
  • Future surveys are sent to your email
  • Future surveys are suppose to be worth 500 to 1000 points each
  • Future surveys are suppose to come at an average of 1 to 2 per month
At that rate, you won't be getting rich off this, but for just 2 surveys a month, it wouldn't hurt either. I checked out their prizes and they are all reasonable as long as you are really getting 500 to 1000 points a survey.

On the low end:
  • 2500 points to donate to charity
  • 3500 points for $5.00 various food gift cards or Amazon gift cards
On the high end:
  • 17250 points for $30.00 gift cards to Best Buy, Amazon, or a Restaurant chain that includes Olive Garden.


First Looks: Get Paid To

Get Paid To

The name pretty much is clear and simple as to what they are offering. But that's about where it ends. I do know they gave me a headache trying to sign up.

You have tons and tons of pages of ads they say you have to look at to make sure you are a real person and not a robot. I say that's a lie. They want you to sign up for those things because they get credit for it. I know this because I have either seen it on an affiliate site wanting you to put their offer on your website or another site that gives you credit to sign up for those things. They do not give you any credit or points for signing up.

They do give you $0.50 for signing up and then leave you to pick offers and get approval from those offers to get credit.

Once you get approval then you participate. Some are surveys, and some are free offers where you have to give them all your info. You know the stuff you wouldn't sign up for because you know you are going to get a ton of spam from it.

From what I could tell on their hard to design and esthetically
un-pleasing site, they offer gift cards for payments. I saw a cash card, gas cards, and restaurant cards in their. The did offer to send a check and $0.50 or a $1.00 via paypal.

They are very adamant about getting your phone number which leads me to believe they are selling peoples info and you will be getting spam both through mail, email, and the phone.

I didn't give them my real number by the way. I never do until I know the place really needs it and is legit. Just a rule of thumb.

They do not look very
promising, but I could be wrong.

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Possible Scam: Freelance Home Writers


Claims that you will make a ton of money writing for them. Just give them your email and your in. This is why I have a back up email address. I put in my email and then went to the next page. The old bait you along trick.

They then tell you all about the money you are going to be making and then ask for you to pay $2.95 because its normally $70.

I say scam. And this is why.

  • That is usually a good indicator that the money you will be making is by selling this product you are about to buy.
  • Even though its just 3 bucks, its still adds up if you get enough people to send it to you because its just 3 bucks.
  • Usually if they ask for your email address, and its not part of a sign up, to get this special opportunity then they are not giving you anything special.
  • True opportunities don't charge membership fees of any kind.
NEVER pay for an opportunity! Unless its from a legit company like Avon, who has been around for years and wants you to buy your little kit up front, DON'T ever pay for an opportunity. 9 times out of 10 its a scam.


Monday, December 29, 2008

First Looks: Send Earnings

Send Earnings:

  • Pays you to shop through their site
  • Pays you for taking surveys
  • Pays you to sign up for free programs
  • Pays you to play games online (*Note: this is only when you are competing, not when you are playing for free)

Sign up was a breeze. There were no annoying ads to read and I wasn't forced to send spam to my friends. This doesn't appear to be an email farm, but a legit opportunity.

***Currently they are offering $5.00 just for signing up.

They claim to have a new survey every day which will net you $0.50 a day. Not a lot to brag about, but if true would be a minimum of $15.00 on average a month just for taking a simple survey.

Things of note:

  • There is a Gold Membership, but it is free once you get to the threshold for payment the first time.
  • The initial threshold for payment is $30.00
  • A check seems to be the only payment option
  • According to their payment options it will take a few months to get your check after you request it.

I will post updates on the progress of this opportunity.

Click Here to sign up for Send Earnings

They have some potential.


Tip: The biggest tip I can share for those wanting to pursue making money online!

Get another email address.

Yahoo and Gmail both offer free accounts and are simple to sign up for. I prefer Gmail because I think their spam filter works better.

Why have a separate email address?

1. Organization
2. Spam Protection


If you sign up for a paid to read email program, it helps to have them all in one location. This way you do not miss any. It also keeps you from missing your other emails because they were sandwiched in between your paid emails.

Spam Protection

If the site sends a lot of promotional mail or sales your information, you could get lots of spam. This again will junk up your day-to-day email. Some opportunities and freebies out there are just an email farm. I will try to weed out these so you do not have to waste your email space or time, but if you want to venture off on your own, you never know how much spam you are going to get.