Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Domain Parking - Is It Profitable?

I have seen people promoting this, several sites offering this, and wondered if this is truly profitable.

It must not be to off since Google is now offering the service.

Domain Parking is when you point your domain to a site that is simular to a search page that will give you cash if someone clicks on something.

It seems like a great thing for a domain you have bought that you do not use any more or one that you have yet to put into use.

I have read that you may not get index or will stop being indexed but have yet to read any good material on this matter.

There are tons of sites to choose from for this. Some charge and other are free. I dont know why you would pay for this service. If you are going to waste the money like that, you are better off trying to actually make the website you intended to do in the first place.

Also be sure to read the terms. Several sites out there are not taking new applicants, have long waiting periods, or require you to have a minimum amount of domains to join.


Friday, March 13, 2009

PTC - Can be good for advertising

You really arent going to make a lot with PTC, unless you are a good promoter and have a huge downline.

They are an untapped market for advertising.

There is no profit sharing when you trade your earnings in for advertising. So you get you full amount earned.

I started doing this with my earnings as it is more productive for me.

Some sites do have minimuns you have to earn to trade in, with some being higher than cash out. You will have to check your terms on each site to see what offer.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Follow up: Matrix Mails

I did manage to get credit and get paid for $2 but then I stopped getting credit for surveys and after 3 no credits I stopped using this one.

It may be cookie settings or the places I took surveys could be denying me. They do have the right to not credit you for whatever reason they deem. Which is totally wrong in my opinion because if you have take the survey, then you have done your part.

I think I am getting turned down because I am not taking the "extra" offers. I did that one time and I have yet to stop getting spam from it.

In my opinion its just not worth it. But again, if you can refer people to do the work for you, then you probably will make money. Im not good at that part so I usually dont make much money at these things.